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Study to reduce prejudice.

Hello,This is Culaccino,a student in Hangzhou, majoring in Computer Science and Technology.

Now I mainly focus on Scientific Research, and the direction is Computer Vision.Addtionally I also participate in ACM-XCPC algorithm competition, though still vegetable ヾ(・ε・`*)————

This is the place to record my study path.I will post here my summary of scientific research, as well as the solution of algorithm training.If you want to have a discussion, please email me at Culaccino_9350@163.com. I'm always available.

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A Brief talk about my motto “Study to reduce prejudice”:


The tragedy is due to our youth, or lack of training. Before the grasp the conscience, we suffer from those impudent.
The comedy is due to our youth, or lack of training. It is more likely for us to grasp the conscience after suffering from those impudent.
Though the youths are ignorant, ignorant of the world's suffering, arrogant and frivolous,they are also fearless,dare to defy the secular, and face to their prejudice in mind ————by studying.

Due to time constraints,I will update search function later.If you have any suggestion towards my blog, please feel free to contact with me.

Glad to meet you and let's Struggle together ─=≡Σ(((つ•̀ω•́)つ

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